At Hansika Mineral And Chemicals

we believe that Quality is an integral part of the organisation’s Corporate Business Principles and is the core of everything that we do. Hansika Minerals and Chemicals reputation and brand equity are founded on delighting consumers and customers with products that meet or exceed needs to ensure that we are their preferred choice every time, they are in need of products that we manufacture.

We are committed to protecting this reputation and driving profitable growth through the rigorous application of our Quality Management Systems which set the standards for the production and delivered quality of our products to the consumer.

Quality at the Core

Our Quality concept is based on reliability, continuous improvement and cost effectiveness to become world class competitors in the product categories that we operate. By understanding the changing business scenario, we emphasize on flexibility based on the principle of ‘first time right’ and ‘better the second’ to sustainability. To meet the concept we build Quality culture by focusing on organisational culture where the production produces quality with quantity through continuous problem solving by way of structure techniques and employee empowerment.

Commitment to World Class Manufacturing


We are fully committed to continuous improvement of working environment and reduction of factors generating accidents and dangerous occurrences. This involves more intense preventive actions, continuous improvement of ergonomics in the workplace and skills and qualifications necessary to eliminate potential hazardous events and accidents.


Along with manufacturing excellence our commitment is to meet the environmental management requirements (compliance with the requirements and standards of the environmental management) and continuous improvement of the working environment. The activities include periodic internal audits verifying the impact of the plant on the surrounding environment, risk identification and prevention, and a variety of technical improvements such as production site improvements


In both planned and unplanned circumstances our aim is to create favorable conditions for the flow of materials within the company and between the suppliers and the plant, reduce inventory level, minimize the amount of displacement, reduce the number of kilometers and transit time inside the company and from direct suppliers aligned to the WCM concepts

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