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Granite comes from far below the earths surface and forms during the process that can take upwards of thousands of years. Over a long period of time, liquid magma is forced back and forth between different layers of rock. When it finally cools, it forms a solid layer of granite rock. Granite acquires its signature crystalline appearance from the trace mineral elements that are still attached to the surface after its cooling process. It is during this process that granite becomes an extremely hard and durable stone, making it perfect or architectural, Counter tops and vanities. Granite overall color is influenced mainly by the minerals that are fused inside each scale. It is natural stone with varied colors providing endless options.

"Granite itself is a status symbol stone" We provide both Gang saw and Block cutter granite.

Gang saw Granite: A gang rip saw is a circular multi blade machine, usually of radial design used for cutting across and above the block. The block rests on the blade rock and the friction of the segments in both direction by means of reciprocating motion facilitates the cutting of the block.Gangsaws are used to cut large blocks into slabs. They provide good height in comparison of other varieties. Thus, making it more popular for architecture.

Single and Multi disc or Block cutter Granite: Blocks are cut with circular saw either with single or multi blade. The slabs are smaller in size as compared to gang saw slabs.
Dev International provides you the varied full range of granite blocks, slabs, modular tiles in different size and thickness, according to your taste and style

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